Buddha's Left Foot

Buddha's Left Foot


Joan Cahill



Buddha’s Left Foot is Joan Cahill’s first poetry collection. Fifty-nine poems which will make you laugh, maybe make you cry, but always make you think.

"Witty and wise: Joan Cahill's poems are filled with glimpses of a lifetime of insight, reflection and good humour. Focussing on art, language, culture and relationships - both highs and lows - they take the reader on a journey of discovery and delight in a language full of both embrace and irony. Suggestive, compassionate and judicious, Joan's poems will entrance and ;age her many readers with their stories, pictures and conversation."

David Gilbey author of Pachinko Sunset


"Life lived and celebrated, immerse yourself in Joan Cahill's 1st book. Generous and gentle, with just a touch of acid, even her laughing dissections of people and events are done with such bonhomie that the 'victims' don't even know what was happening to them."

Les Wicks author of Getting By Not Fitting In

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