Pachinko Sunset

Pachinko Sunset


Poetry from David Gilbey 2016



Born in London, David Gilbey migrated to Australia as a boy with his family and graduated from the University of Sydney.  Currently he is Senior Lecturer in Literature and Creative Writing at Charles Sturt University. His books of poems include Under the Rainbow (1996), and Death and the Motorway (2008), written after having travelled/written and performed in the US, the UK, France, Japan and China. David has three times been Visiting Professor in Japan, teaching English at Miyagi Gakuin University, Sendai. 

David Gilbey’s poems are often stories full of wit and tenderness… he writes
of family matters with humour, irony and delicacy. He is always original, sweetly relishing the world , its absurdities and its richness. A poet of the people, never pretentious or obscure, he has a clear voice which goes straight to the heart of  the matter.
 – Kate Llewellyn

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