She Knows How to Look After Herself
  • She Knows How to Look After Herself


    and Other Stories

    Michel Dignand



    This, the first in a series of the Collected Stories of Michel Dignand, presents seventeen stories, many of them having been published before in anthologies by major publishers, including Black Inc’s Best Australian Stories, but many of them published here for the first time.


    She Knows How To Look After Herself – two men looking for thrills on a late-night train close in on Jennifer… how will her journey end?

    Contrary To His Company’s Code Of Conduct — Will is confronted by three possible outcomes, each of them far more exciting than he can handle.

    Young Thomas Finds Himself in a Spot of Bother — a teenager finds himself in a worsening situation… is there any way out for him?

    Waltzing On The River Road — it is her first outing in her brand new car, but she discovers a surprisingly mysterious world. A spooky ending to a wonderful day.

    Next Thing It’ll Be Diabetes — Charlie’s disagreeable wife goes too far once again, and this time gets her comeuppance.

    Stranger — Johan’s past life catches up with him and puts both himself and his daughter Catherine in danger.

    Yellow Roadster — a bizarre bond forms between Gerard and Boyd after a disastrous drive with a pretty young woman changes everything

    Pseudonaja Textillis — Meredith forms a most peculiar relationship that places her whole family in danger.

    Conspire — wealthy daughter Luce and her boyfriend are kidnapped, ransomed and released…but all is not what it seems.

    Waiting For Dawn — automatic Teller Machines in dark and remote places can turn out to be very, very dangerous places to approach late at night.

    Hole In Two — a trendy executive finds himself out of his depth when a cross-country trip goes wrong. And who’s there to rescue him?

    Hard To Tell, Really — a teenage gang bite off much more than they can chew, and realise it just in time!

    Ego Te Absolvo — Confessions and absolution.

    Did You Think That I Was Going To Give It All To You? — first love that, inevitably, goes wrong.

    Mirage — rescuing a maiden in distress gives rise to dreams that  couldn’t possibly work out.

    Sook — young lovers share a moment of fun and have to deal with a domestic accident.

    The Fit — A tangled web of deceit as the law struggles to discover just who is telling the truth.

    ‘Michel takes real life situations and brings them to conclusions which leave his readers begging for more. He has the clever ability to write stories which keep the reader avidly turning the pages, attention maintained to each story’s end.’


    Favourably compared to the adult stories of Roald Dahl and Ray Carver, this selection of Michel Dignand’s stories will amuse and arouse you. They bring home to the reader the realities of the human experience… love, death, fear and exultation.

    ‘Addictive reading.’