Small Change
  • Small Change


    and Nineteen Other Stories

    Michel Dignand



    Twenty-one widely different scenarios, twenty-one widely different outcomes in this, Volume Two of the Collected Stories of Michel Dignand.


    Small Change – Margaret is finally realising that her dream of young love has become a disaster, but can see no way out of it —

    Revive, Survive – Exhausted, Geoff finds himself in a surreal situation that reeks of danger —

    Dangerous Places – Verity and Alice, who should be rivals, find themselves drawn into a truce… and Matthew finds himself the victim —

    If Only It Was That Easy – George, a small boy and a dog. It is a few minutes after dawn, and George longs for a little comfort —

    As Far as the Eye Can See – Caught in a vast flood, the Standways call on their deepest resources to survive —

    Upgrading – A man walks into his office and his boss says, ‘Come in, sit down…’ —

    Repeat After Me – A victim of mistaken identity, Alex struggles to deal with it—

    Admiration – But nothing ever matches a day-dream

    On Churches Plain – A lonely road, a stolen car and a dangerously mad driver… however is Harriet to survive?

    Demerara – It was just a bit of fun, a sexual adventure, maybe. But he had to return home with his half-forgotten secret —

    Lonely Too – On-line dating… always a bit dodgy. But who knows, maybe this time it’ll be different?

    Harry’s Files – He might be a pilar of society, but Harry’s files contain some alarming secrets—

    Spaggers & Lola – Spaghetti Bolognese might be a popular and much abused meal, but there is, after all, a right and a wrong way of preparing it—

    Inside Passage – A short sail across a crowded shipping lane descends into family violence with a shocking outcome.

    On The Beach – Leezah pushes Sally beyond her comfort zone.

    Relationships – A bizarre family situation leads ultimately to an unsatisfactory outcome for all… except perhaps Celeste, who finds the bizarre exciting.

    And Still The Wonder Grew – Two couples  experiment with an unusual closeness that leads, inevitably, to betrayal and lies, but they didn’t mean it to end like this…

    Sentence – An underground international committee, tiring of the laxity of courts everywhere, selects targets for an unusual level of real justice.

    Garden Design – George offers Madelaine an exceptional level of support for her incredible anxieties, but what would happen if George let her down?

    The Short Flight of Sheilah Barrington – Sheilah, rushing home with a birthday present for her Mum, has an unexpected confrontation with a vehicle.

    Wallaby – A 2000km river trip leads Jill to a pebble-beach meeting with Harry, where she finally realises that he is rather more than she thought.

    ‘Michel takes real life situations and brings them to conclusions which leave his readers begging for more. He has the clever ability to write stories which keep the reader avidly turning the pages, attention maintained to each story’s end.’


    Favourably compared to the adult stories of Roald Dahl and Ray Carver, this selection of Michel Dignand’s stories will amuse and arouse you. They bring home to the reader the realities of the human experience… love, death, fear and exultation.

    ‘Addictive reading.’