Michel Dignand 

On Line

Telephone: 0411339364                  email: micheldignand@gmail.com

Short Stories You're probably already aware that I write short stories, and have published three books of them... so far.

Here you'll find all of my books and stories. They are free for you to read on your computer, tablet or phone, though you can buy my books if you really want to. Give me a call.

If you prefer to download them to your e-reader, email me and I'll send you the stories, or books, come to that, as PDFs, ePubs or the Kindle equivalent.

It's true that many famous people have said that prophets, poets and writers are often ignored in their own cities, but you'd be mistaken to decide that mine are the scribblings of a country bumpkin... nothing could be further from the truth. Many of my stories have been lauded here in Australia, and further afield too. In fact, one of my stories was named amongst the 'Best Australian Stories'. See if you can decide which one.

Enjoy, and give me feedback... Michel

Photography This link takes you to my Flickr site that contains thousands of images in different sections - birds, insects etc..

Bushwalking Contains much information and logs of many of my walks, solo and in groups.