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By Michel Dignand

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Michel Dignand was born in Plymouth, England, and joined the Royal Marine Commandos for 10 years, serving in Yemen, West Indies, South America and the USA. During the final four years he was the skipper for the Royal Marine's sail-training yacht 'Sea Soldier', teaching officers to sail and navigate.  He then spent time as Sailing Master on private yachts south coast of England, then several years as a commercial bee-keeper, then a forger of wooden antiques, then as a shipwright rebuilding a heritage sailing vessel!


Michel came to Australia 1979, working first as manager of a work co-operative in Wagga Wagga, then building a house before working as a writer in Advertising. He has worked across all media including production in radio, television and the press (Sydney Morning Herald freelance). He has also been a publicity officer for the Riverina Theatre Company.


After spending 18 years as publisher/editor for the Department of Agriculture in Wagga Wagga, Michel theoretically retired in 2010, and started writing full time.

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