Book 4 - Brain Snap

Some of the stories in Brain Snap are not as of this moment ready for publication, and need to be finished and edited. As I finish each story, I'll publish it here. 

We should end up with around twenty-five stories, though at least two of them will be Novellas, or much longer stories. Generally, novellas are around 70 pages of a printed book. 

It's Over

Spray Spray is an unfinished novella aimed at adolescents, which I started many years ago (like 25 years ago!) when my son Sam became interested in sailing. Please read it if you like, and feel free to comment, suggest changes, maybe even improved story lines. 


Next Door to Charles

No Saviour

My Story... which is very close to Mystery. This is the true story of the Dignands and some of the Kesslers and Thums up to and during the Second World War and a bit beyond.