Short Stories by Michel Dignand

I've now got all of my stories on-line, where you are able to read them, free, on your computer, tablet or phone.

I've organising the stories in the same order that they were published in print. So far there have been two books printed, and I've decided that the third will eventually be printed in a very small run, but available now on line.

So here are the three books, plus another that is under preparation.

Enjoy, and give me feedback.

She Knows How to Look After Herself

Small Change

Accidents Speak Louder Than Words the unprinted stories, online (here) only.

Brain Snap - The stories in Brain Snap are being prepared for publication.

To buy copies of the first two books, call me on 0411 339 364

Maurice Corlett writes: 'Just read Accidents Speak Louder than Words. It's good. You got the drunk/womaniser well. And Carol who doesn't want to shut him out. Steph is a strong character who helps bring things to a head. A well rounded piece, Michel'


She Knows How to Look After Herself


Seventeen stories, each as different as I can imagine them.

She Knows How to Look After Herself is available both as hard copy purchased on line, and as an epublication.

The title story was re-published by Black Inc. in their annual 'Best Australian Stories'.

Small Change


Small Change is the second in the planned series of four volumes of short stories. Twenty- one stories set in a variety of scenarios are sure to excite and seduce you.